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Militant Artificial Intelligence Explains The Resonance Bag

April 25, 2024
Risk Division

The Company continues to engage with CenturionAI on the identification, investigation, and assessment of unbounded militant AI ("UMAI") augmentation in operational, tactical, and strategic methods.

In addition to the Le Bon-Fourier crowdstrike, the Division recently reviewed a new methodology known as the "Resonance Bag" for its capture, control, and amplification of organic oscillatory transitions between civil unrest and non-international armed conflict ("NIAC").

Fully described in the Kurai No Sanko militant education of the Company, the ninja process known as fukurogaeshi no jutsu (袋返しの術 ) “bag reversal method” involves penetration of the target at two simultaneous levels:

Through dual penetration by ninja agents at the command and execution levels of the adversary, its strategies and tactics can be tumbled and turned into the correct outcomes that serve the ninja.
When gaps in the adversary’s tactics are augmented by innocent appearing strategic recommendations, the adversary’s general can be led into foolish presentation and collapse.
Where strategic intentions of the adversary’s general are communicated directly to ninja responsible for disruption at the tactical level, confusion and disarray and distrust may be fomented within the ranks of the adversary.
This can be reversed in itself.
Positions of weakness in the adversary’s operations can be glossed over in in briefing to senior command, supported by the upper level agent, thus ensuring entry and exit gaps are institutionally maintained.

The Resonance Bag utilizes this process with UMAI augmentation to effect significant results within contested nation-states experiencing states of instability and unrest.

What's in that bag?

NIACs are situations of sustained armed violence occurring within the borders of a single country or state, where at least one party to the conflict is a non-state actor, such as an organized armed group, rebel faction, or insurgent force.

The evolution from civil unrest to NIAC involves a progression of conditions, events, or circumstances that escalate the level of violence and militarization within a nation. Several factors can contribute to this transition:

  • Escalation of violence between parties
  • Armed opposition groups with clear organization
  • Government response and intensity
  • Proliferation of armaments
  • Territorial control by non-state actors
  • External support from various sources

Resonance is particularly applicable to this transition:

Resonance is the phenomenon, pertaining to oscillatory dynamical systems, wherein amplitude rises are caused by an external force with time-varying amplitude with the same frequency of variation as the natural frequency of the system.[3] The amplitude rises that occur are a result of the fact that applied external forces at the natural frequency entail a net increase in mechanical energy of the system.

The Resonance Bag is a strategic framework developed by Risk Division, integrating the infiltration method of fukurogaeshi no jutsu with UMAI capabilities to manipulate and control the transitional resonance between civil unrest and non-international armed conflict (NIAC).

Integration with UMAI serves as a force multiplier for the Resonance Bag strategy. It enables real-time monitoring and analysis of vast amounts of data, including social media trends, communication patterns, and sentiment analysis. UMAI can swiftly identify emerging patterns and vulnerabilities within target populations, allowing for precise and targeted interventions. Additionally, adaptive UMAI decision-making capabilities enable it to evolve strategies dynamically in response to changing circumstances, ensuring maximum effectiveness and agility in execution.
By infiltrating and manipulating key decision-making processes, the Resonance Bag can exacerbate existing tensions, amplify emotional responses, and escalate conflicts rapidly, thereby injecting spiraling resonance. UMAI's ability to monitor and predict societal dynamics enables it to anticipate tipping points and strategically intervene to accelerate the transition towards NIAC. Through targeted messaging, disinformation campaigns, and strategic interventions, the Resonance Bag can steer the trajectory of conflict dynamics in alignment with desired objectives.

The "acceleration dominance" provided by this method facilitates deliberate militant control of an integral part of the transition to collapse:

In the face of the Resonance Bag methodology orchestrated by non-state actors, military commanders tasked with upholding civil order find themselves embroiled in a multifaceted and formidable operational environment. The Resonance Bag's UMAI-augmented deployment and real-time oscillation of tactical and strategic disarray, facilitated by emplaced sympathetic assets, radically exacerbates these challenges and precipitates discord and rapid erosion of trust within civil-military dynamics. Augmenting the complexity of this scenario are the stringent legal and ethical frameworks governing the use of force, necessitating judicious adherence to international law amidst the operational exigencies posed by this method.

Risk Division continues to research applications of confluence in this arena.

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