Militant delivery in the field.
Cutting edge operational excellence in the Third World War.



The Hagakure Kan consists of militant assets in field deployment, trained within a licensed, long term program for extraordinary individuals with unhesitating commitment to Risk Division authority under the Standard of the Company.

Their significant time investment, severe coherence in self-discipline, and proven fealty empowers gap penetration into unfriendly and/or hostile individuals, organizations, and institutions with subsequent operational exploitation.

Deployment of Hagakure Kan assets is subject to direct Founder authorization in service to broader Company mission and objectives in the Third World War.


Hagakure Kan
assets are extensively trained and skilled in proprietary Company neurodominant materials from Militant CORE and Risk Division:


Investors, partners, and clients who wish to request access to Hagakure Kan assets and expertise should contact their Relationship Manager.


Koryū Military Methods

Immovable spirit

Powerful post-traumatic growth is deliberately instilled into physiological structure, combined with esoteric methods of full perseverance through sorrow, pain, and resentment.

Pitiless reality

Mathematical certainty of outcome is ensured through fully applied principles, cruelly employed methods, and precision delivery of tactics in neurodominant operation.

Infinite compassion

Justice, benevolence, kindness, and love are necessary components of healthy, righteous human existence and secured with permanent channels of delivery.

Unstoppable combatant

The Age of Militants brings raw survival to the forefront of modern human responsibilities. Legendary combat skills are burned into Hagakure Kan neurodominants.

Absolute victory

Centuries of brutal, ceaseless civil war gave the ninja deep understanding of conflict. Hagakure Kan neurodominants deliver unparalleled militant success in noncooperative environments.

Faceless neurodominants

Pride, vanity, ego, and false posture are systemically stripped away until the Will of Heaven is all that remains for the Hagakure Kan neurodominant to execute upon.