Conscience, freedom, and dignity.
Hierarchy, order, and beauty within the Third World War.
"Serve God and live well."

Our most important value resonates through history.

Builders, fighters, and leaders in the real world require harsh truth and unflinching posture of cruel information presented without lies.

Such is the value of the Company:

"Always follow truth where it leads you in the dark."



The public and private success of our investors, partners, and clients in noncooperative encounters, engagements, and arenas is the direct work of Throne Dynamics.

We do this through provision of militant education, strategic consulting, and extensive management of projects across the sociopolitical, economic, and military environment.


We define "militant" as the state in which the organism is operationally excellent with absolute focus on survival. Animals are militant. Even plants are militant.

It is often said that "life will find a way".

The Company white paper Age of Militants explains as follows:

Our demand is Operational Excellence ("OpEx") to the Minimum Viable ("MV") standard of performance. Your capacity to understand, and personally deliver, on this gradient of human capital and leadership viability is the foundation of your usefulness in the times of extreme political, economic, and military decomposition which rapidly consume nations and cultures.

These uncertain times demand accurate, sharp, and actionable insight by those who wish to rise and succeed.

Above all things a deeply accurate snapshot of their current state is necessary, conducted in an objective and expert format that brings immediate coherence to their education.

Our free Raw Human Capital assessment marks their first competent step towards accelerated power, authority, influence, and wealth.

Safety and security in community, sustenance and provision for loved ones, and a future for family and civilization are the reason for existence of government and the sole sacred purpose of the State. Safety and order must be secured. Critical industries must be turned to explicit posture of survival and expert continuity.

Comprehensive, structured, neurodominant training smashes the locks that prevent hypercompetent execution in noncooperative environments. The Company provides bespoke, rich development path for acutely divergent evolution of the individual into a dominant, militant, networked asset.

You, too, have that power. And none can take it from you.

Militant Education

Significant free resources

Always follow truth where it leads you in the dark and never leave your brothers behind. The Company provides free public access to all Academy Level 1 materials.

Professional training

Noncooperative arenas require competent execution and operational excellence. The Company ensures that Academy Level 2 materials drive immediate traction.

Non-negotiable prerogatives

Fulfillment of legacy flowers from cruelty of expertise in planning and process. The Company delivers unmatched coherence of demanded outcome for qualified clients.

Survival and conscience

Militant leaders work from the demands of conscience to determine the direction of sacred purpose. The Company delivers pitiless client roadmaps.

Momentum and freedom

Men are born with inalienable rights of self-protection, self-determination, and self-advancement. The Company meets the needs of 21st Century ambitions.

Dignity and triumph

Subjugation and slavery are incompatible with survival, momentum, and triumph. The Company works to acutely advance justice for threatened demographics.