Post-traumatic growth.
Pitiless compassion drives men through absolute victory.


Neurodominance is a radically divergent individual evolution of human capacity, coherence, and competence.

The proprietary methods of the Company for training neurodominance are a clinical syncretism of acutely adaptive methodologies, developed in persistent existential noncooperative environments, and concentrically applied over millennia through eugenic selection for successful executive delivery.

Neurodominant training engages both experiential maturity and latent eugenic capacity in profoundly traumatic processes. The Company makes this severe evolution available to clients who have demonstrated the maturity and stability to handle neurodominant materials.

Additionally, neurodominant training is best conducted in parallel with professionally operated peer groups specifically trained to provide social and material support.

For this reason, with rare exceptions, the proprietary neurodominance curriculum of the Company is not generally suitable for the average individual. Members of the general public who wish to explore these structures and materials can do so through the links on this page.

Individuals who feel compelled to pursue introductory Company education and training are encouraged to complete the Raw Human Capital assessment and begin with their report.


Neurodominant training is provided by the Company through the Academy.


Radically Divergent Evolution

Militant capital

Dignity and freedom are not negotiable. Lies, brutality, and plunder by the State are intolerable. Slavery, starvation, and murder inexorably turn men militant.

Acute adaptivity

Innate, extreme adaptability in high performance environments delivers accelerated development of natural physiological differentiation and dominance.

Persistent crucible

Epochal periods of criminal States and collapse of legal, social, and moral institutions enforce inexorable frameworks of antifragile militant evolution.

Concentric enhancement

Continuous, deliberate capture and compound analysis of noncooperative engagements over millennia produce proven, hypercompetent methodologies.

Eugenic selection

Institutionally deliberate selection for neurodominant traits, over generations of raw human capital, inexorably produces unfair advantage in executive capacity.

Full hypercompetence

Complete, unapologetic explication of all prerogatives of the human being is the birthright of every individual and the vital, sacred purpose of neurodominants.