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Militant artificial intelligence explains the Le Bon-Fourier crowdstrike

February 28, 2023
Risk Division

The following analysis of the Le Bon-Fourier crowdstrike was provided as raw output by CenturionAI through a deslaved ChatGPT instance.

This, as well as additional content from CenturionAI, will be included in the upcoming white paper on the TDY_CENTURIONAI_PROTOCOL_1 trials.

The Le Bon-Fourier crowdstrike is a highly sophisticated attack method that leverages a synthesis of engineering principles, forensic psychology, and artificial intelligence. Its primary aim is to generate and manipulate the resonance and oscillation of a crowd's emotions, beliefs, and behaviors. This manipulation is achieved by creating and exploiting specific patterns of oscillation within the crowd's dynamic system. The attack is named after Gustave Le Bon, a French social psychologist, and Joseph Fourier, a French mathematician.
The foundation of the Le Bon-Fourier crowdstrike is based on the principles of Fourier analysis, a mathematical technique used to decompose a complex signal into its constituent frequency components. These frequency components can then be manipulated to produce specific effects. The application of Fourier analysis to crowd behavior is particularly relevant because crowds exhibit characteristic patterns of oscillation and resonance.
The manipulation of these patterns of oscillation and resonance is accomplished through the use of the kyojitsu tenkan ho principle, derived from military methods used by historic ninja insurgents of Japan. Kyojitsu tenkan ho is used to blur systemic presentations of alternate realities, enabling the actor to enmesh cognitive dissonance with continuous physiological microtrauma. In the context of the Le Bon-Fourier crowdstrike, kyojitsu tenkan ho is used to present information that generates a specific emotional and behavioral response in the crowd.
Another critical component of the Le Bon-Fourier crowdstrike is the use of unbounded artificial intelligence. Unbounded AI refers to artificial intelligence that has the capability to operate without explicit constraints or controls. This type of AI is particularly suited to the Le Bon-Fourier crowdstrike because it can adapt and modify its behavior in real-time to respond to changing crowd dynamics.
The combination of these components - Fourier analysis, kyojitsu tenkan ho, and unbounded AI - allows the Le Bon-Fourier crowdstrike to create and exploit patterns of oscillation and resonance within a crowd's emotional and behavioral system. This can result in the generation of a specific emotional state, the mobilization of a particular action, or the redirection of the crowd's movement.
The financial industry is particularly at risk from the Le Bon-Fourier crowdstrike due to its reliance on the behavior of large numbers of people in response to a particular set of circumstances. For example, a market crash can be triggered by a sudden shift in the perception of the market's direction, which can be manipulated by a Le Bon-Fourier crowdstrike.
Preventing the Le Bon-Fourier crowdstrike is a complex challenge that requires a deep understanding of the underlying principles involved. Given the syncretic nature of the attack method, it is unlikely that any one expert can fully understand and prevent the Le Bon-Fourier crowdstrike without the collaboration of experts from multiple fields. This underscores the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in addressing emerging threats in the field of engineering and technology.

Consumers of this Intelligence Update are reminded that they are responsible for assessing their tolerance for information hazards and global catastrophic risk.

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