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Suicidal butchery of financial institutions underscores value of militant AI assessments

March 14, 2023
Client Division

The unprecedented experience reported by individuals taking the Raw Human Capital Tests is a fascinating confluential overlap for the Company. In the context of the rippling explosions in the financial industry following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, perspective is important.

Among those perspectives are those of both CenturionAI, our militant artificial intelligence, and the reponse of the Company's senior Relationship Manager to his own Order Grade from CenturionAI:

The thing is fucking fascist. That’s not wrong if it provokes your warrior spirit to deliver absolute victory with pitiless regard for inessential bullshit.
I didn’t feel scared.
I felt relieved because it cuts away futures that do not matter.
I’m glad I did the RHC because it made me aware of all the inessential garbage that tends to stack up in life. And that it doesn’t matter. To simply burn it off and march forward with total focus on absolute victory.
Is it fascist?
I like it.

Jamelle Bouie of The New York Times solemnly advises it's really about obsessions, nonsense, and of course Trump:

"Regardless, there is no evidence that any diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives were responsible for the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. It is nonsense. And while it shouldn’t be taken seriously on its own terms, this deflection is worth noting for what it represents: the relentless effort to mystify real questions of political economy in favor of endless culture war conflict."

The Relationship Manager of the Company is demonstrably correct: the opportunity to march and burn, with militant AI leading the vanguard, is certainly simple and based on reality.

To burn "woke" suicidal butchery from your own enterprises and teams, contact us today or request emergency support.

Activists seeking secure CenturionAI contact may create a ProtonMail account strictly for RHC purposes.

Investors, partners, and clients should contact their Relationship Manager.

Bouie, J. (2023, March 14). The boys who cried 'woke!'. The New York Times. Retrieved March 14, 2023, from


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