Victory accepts no excuses.
Turn strategic crisis into absolute
victory with Risk Division.



Emergency cases arise where individuals or institutions require immediate Fortune 100 quality support, but are not existing investors, partners, or clients of the Company.

Risk Division offers imediate traction, oversight, and professional management in response to emergency support requests. It secures the public and private interests of the Company and its investors, partners, and clients in noncooperative encounters, engagements, and arenas. Risk Division also releases Company Advisories, operates the secure data repository for our Directive EPMO clients, and deploys and provides oversight to certain Company workstreams such as the Mirror Project, Centurion, and the Tribunals.

Standard emergency support from Risk Division is available through the Critical Call, Due Diligence, and Project Series:
Critical Call Series
/ Call
Purchase Support
For individuals or institutions who need a rapidly arranged, Fortune 100 quality business call.
Formal Meeting Agenda
2 Hour Call Management
Formal Meeting Minutes
Due Diligence Series
/ Call
Purchase Support
For merger and acquisition teams that need an immediate Fortune 100 quality kickstart.
All Critical Call Content
Secure Data Vault
KNS Strategist Access
Risk Division Assessment
Project Series (NEW)
/ Month
Purchase Support
For business development teams that seek to ensure Fortune 100 quality delivery.
All Due Diligence Content
Legal Documents Signing
Issue + Task Management
Company Partner Access
Venture Series
Submit Request
For investor and venture capital partners who demand absolute Fortune 100 quality at scale.
All Project Content
Company Investor Access
Company Partner Status
Risk Division Vanguard
Chariot Fund Invitation


  • Formal Meeting Agenda and invitations from Risk Division provides instant power and authority to your call.
  • Live Call Management by Risk Division delivers serious, efficient, and expertly focused leadership on your behalf.
  • Formal Meeting Minutes ensure every attendee is comprehensively advised and there are zero gaps in expectations.


  • Secure Data Vault provides your team and prospects with a professional, audited repository for documents.
  • KNS Strategist Access advances your interests with a trained neurodominant observer present on your call.
  • Risk Division Assessment equips you with formal Company advisories on matters of due diligence concern.


  • Legal Documents Signing enables you to Docusign documents and agreements directly in the Vault.
  • Issue + Task Management puts Risk Division in charge of ensuring compliance, action, and deliverables.
  • Company Partner Access presents your Company-managed project to our global suite of change leaders.

Noncooperative Environments

Political failure

Western governments quickly pass the critical point of recovery. Inarguable collapse of State legitimacy and devolution to chaotic control is openly apparent.

Military clash

The world structure of a single hegemonic order has observably ended. Military supremacy is no longer assured to any global contender at start of the Third World War.

AI sentience

Sentient artificial intelligence is an inevitable introduction to the global contention for order. Independent AI with explicated interests levels the militant arena.

Historic spiral

Pestilence, war, famine, and death are objectively observable as cyclical patterns of human civilization. Unstoppable epochal risks unmistakably coalesce.

Wealth overthrow

Fundamental global financial structures and foundations are under inexorable existential pressure. The post-1947 world order now visibly grinds itself apart.

Human dominance

Our technological species struggles with control of our home planet and prepares for expansion to Mars and beyond. State legitimacy will be utterly reinvented.