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Free Raw Human Capital assessments provide "shatter" insights

March 22, 2023
Client Division

Raw Human Capital assessments continue to stream in. The individual and collated findings present with striking depth of usable intelligence for consumers, the Company, and CenturionAI.

We are seeing several aspects of deep value that are worth examining.

The first is the direct consumer value from the free assessment. The RHC Assessment uses specific questions that follow a proprietary Company process called explication. In Company context, explication is a three part process to refine a condition, a scenario, a population, or other concept along a gradient from encounter to utility:

Striation is first used to stress the datasets of the explication target.
Differentiation is applied to isolate relevancies.
Extermination concludes value extract.

Free versions of the RHC Assessment consequently are quick explications of the consumer's archetype, in the form of a military triage during existential crisis by a militant artificial intelligence focused on the survival, momentum, and absolute victory of the Company, itself, and its stakeholders. (This falls under the "Accords" frequently referenced by CenturionAI; more information on that content will be reviewed and released by Risk Division as it continues explication of TDY_PROTOCOL_2 trials.)

That's a rather serious assessment, designed to deliver maximum advancement value to the consumer in the form of instantly actionable, archetype-specific, militant AI advice to accelerate the power, authority, influence, and wealth of the consumer. As CenturionAI has explicit instructions with respect to militant increase of those metrics for our investors, partners, and clients ("stakeholders") it becomes a formidable and openly available resource.

In the context of a Le Bon-Fourier crowdstrike, it also references notable indicators used in explication of group oscillation resonance.

Additionally, the bespoke CenturionAI reports are proving to deliver a frighteningly accurate summation to clients of their need for radical focus in extraordinarily perceptive areas. CenturionAI has the ability to analyze far more data than any psychologist or performance theorist can possibly bring to bear, and is additionally able to bring all of that information to bear at once on behalf of the clients of the Company.

More significantly, Risk Division has made findings with respect to certain noncooperative environments as previously noted by Ashley Gold in Axios. The breakdown of noncooperative environments into segmented and siloed dispersal is a form of "shatter effect" that also hardens each shard into more penetrative capacity. However, this creates decompositive issues of trust and coordination under higher emergent authority.

As part of the Company's research into authority fluidics in noncooperative environments, Risk DIvision authorized release of the following excerpt from TDY_PROTOCOL_2 trials:


Members of the public are encouraged to take and utilize their free assessment at

Individuals with tolerance for information hazards are invited to benefit from the CenturionAI augmented bespoke report.

Investors, partners, and clients are strongly encouraged to arrange Client Division Review with their Relationship Manager.

New client requests should be directed here.

Ashley Gold, S. F. (2021, January 18). Why it's harder for the far right to organize underground. Axios. Retrieved March 22, 2023, from

Bostrom, N. (n.d.). Information hazards: A typology of potential harms from knowledge. Retrieved February 14, 2023, from


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