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"Militant" As Defined By The Company

March 27, 2024
Community Division

The Company uses the term "militant" across every channel of delivery.

Our investors, partners, and clients are well-trained and familiar with our use of the word. Members of the public will benefit from explanation and correct understanding of the basis and ramifications of its delivery.

It is therefore appropriate to provide a clear and unambiguous definition for individuals who consume available materials from Throne Dynamics, but have not yet come under authority of the Standard.

Questions are natural. Precise definitions matter; this is even more critical as we each make progress through the grand rising of this Age of Militants that flowers with such immense promise.

Pity is not in our worldview.

It is important to begin with the concept of worldview or weltanschauung:

"...the framework of ideas and beliefs forming a global description through which an individual, group or culture watches and interprets the world and interacts with it as a social reality."

Worldview is the source of the Company's purpose and the driver of our collaborative and individual efforts.

Throne Dynamics, our officers, the Executive Cadre, and our global clients are strongly guided into recognition and extrapolation of direction from those things which are objectively observable.

One must first understand that one bears duty in the world, based on one's position; and negligence of duty becomes ever more grave as the man rises to meet greater and more profound challenges to his prerogative.

The first framework is that of capacity, coherence, and competence.

Capacity spans a broad range of qualifications. It is the first criteria applied to those who seek confluence of action with the Company and is assessed through our free Raw Human Capital reports.

Does the candidate have the intelligence to consume, grasp, and embody our Militant CORE materials upon invitation? Is the character of the individual properly absent mental or emotional defect? What industrial, economic, social, and kinetic advantage does the candidate bring to the table?

These are foundational aspects of those we select for direct participation in our work.

Coherence flows from and arrays the capacity of the chosen individual. Do the thoughts, words, and deeds of the candidate exhibit congruence? What derangement or adherence to illusion is present in the mass, momentum, and trajectory of the individual?

Our work directly seizes and orders the worldview of the candidate through neurodominance training that engages both experiential maturity and latent eugenic capacity in profoundly traumatic processes.

There is no growth without sacrifice, nor achievement in the real world without dreadful commitment.

Competence is the direct outcome of work with the Company, and an explicit demand of performance from the militant:

Your capacity to understand, and personally deliver, on this gradient of human capital and leadership viability is the foundation of your usefulness in the times of extreme political, economic, and military decomposition which rapidly consume nations and cultures.

Within this important framework are several values which are objectively observable as true and correct for all Men on Earth under Heaven:

Self-preservation and survival
Self-determination and manhood
Self-advancement and majesty

All living things instinctively fight for their survival. Survival is the first of The Nine Laws. and there is no point more starkly clear on which our clients turn to us for guidance.

Every man is imbued with conscience, that grave whispered voice of Heaven that drives both sacred purpose and fealty to deliver what he was born to do and be.

All human beings seek power, authority, influence, and wealth to their varying and individual degrees; these are the prerogatives that we advance through our training.

The duty and responsibility of the Company is to bring hierarchy, order, and beauty to the lives and works of Men who have the will and courage to fully realize their destiny.

When all these attributes are consciously attended to with cruel determination, the individual has become militant.

Where there is no excuse proffered; when learned helplessness is eternally despised; as the burden of performance is welcomed with all the pain it brings; and once despair is forever forsaken...

The individual is now militant.

How alive this state is, and how fulfilling! For when all actions are attuned to these values; when the full momentum of the human being accelerates; when war is understood as the natural flow of all living things; when cruelty in execution is the basal methodology by which one interacts with duty...

The militant has stepped forth into his very own age, and there are no boundaries that hold or prohibit him from the absolute victory of his sacred purpose.

This is how history is made. It is how hierarchy, order, and beauty are delivered as what men call both history and civilization!

It is proclaimed today that "you will own nothing, and be happy".

How foolish that is!

Such proclamation is merely recipe for overthrow, defeat, and degradation by the dark principalities, powers, and rulers of the darkness of this world.

We men of the Company, our officers and leaders of the Cadre, face this without pity as the sworn vanguard of what comes.

No parley, no quarter.

Never negotiate with evil.

Never abandon your right to decide the future.

Power, authority, influence, and wealth are integral to this dreadful age of promise for those who rise as militants.

Serve God, and live well.

Never forget the highest prerogative of Men on Earth under Heaven, and our explicit orders to those who march in mutual fealty under the Standard of the Company:

You bear duty of the State.

Execute it.

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