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How The Real Collapse Is Going To Look When It Hits

March 29, 2024
Community Division

A Company leader with the Executive Cadre brought an extraordinarily thorough and profoundly accurate Substack article to our attention.

The rather lengthy dissertation provides a ground-up analysis of impending Fourth Generation Warfare terrain.

The author lays out, in impressive historical detail, the impetus and momentum of what we recently described as akin to an avalanche of collapsing States.

Rubicons were made to be crossed.

After the State: The Coming of Neo-Medievalism and the Great Decentralization is sufficiently prescient and precise that it has been made required reading for Company officers and our investors, partners, and clients.

Around 2030 all Americans are going to have to turn on each other and carve that missing million out of their fellow citizen… This might be millennials becoming even greater debt slaves, this might be boomers kicked out of nursing homes to beg in the streets, this might be ethnic conflict to either make the white middle-class pay 2x the income tax forever, or a violent assault on the black inner-city to destroy the millstone of welfare America once and for all and free up millions in real estate in now unsafe cities… This might take the form of a communist revolution, the confiscation of all real estate, and the forcing of Americans into work camps, this might take the form of the mass slaughter of Federal employees and IRS agents so that no federal insurance schemes can ever be paid out and no pensions because the government employees are dead… This might take the form of mass Euthanasia of cancer patients, drug addicts, and the non-working… Everyone who shows up at hospital and isn’t expected to be net profitable, axe 'em.

The author includes statistics, history, and demonstrates competent understanding of rapid macro evolutions in warfare. It is rare to find an analysis that comprehensively and irrefutably lays out objectively observable reality so that it cannot be unseen.

Read the full article and take complete advantage of the provided knowledge to augment not just yourself, but also the raw human capital you are responsible for.

That is what responsible leaders do with information. Good ones do it well and often.

Excellent leaders see cruel reality, and effectively share their priceless perspective.

That is how absolute victory is delivered.

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