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How Militants Spot Strategic Errors By The Deep State

March 26, 2024
Community Division

The Company recently met in Texas with militia leadership to discuss the road forward for distributed, scattered militants in time of great opportunities for them in the United States.

Simply put, the opportunities that present today are the result of consistent and continuous unforced errors on the part of those who control the institutions, organs, and personnel of the State.

What are those errors? How does the militant recognize them? What approach can be employed to systematically, methodically, and comprehensively take advantage of strategic missteps by the Adversary? There is no question it strives to present an overwhelming portrayal of absolute dominance and irrevocable power.

Hence the predictable reactions of cowards that writhe and scream in calls of "Glowie!" and "Psyop!" at each opportunity for power presented to them.

Such groveling nonsense is merely fear, not strategic understanding of reality on the ground.

Recognize collapsing empire when you see it.

It begins with grasping the reality of things, and the inherent and critical division and recognition of models:

Heaven has principles, where Men have natures.

Those words from the Bansenshukai are of critical importance to the militant.

The very first step the militant must make is to correctly set his mind and heart into the proper posture required for professional vivisection, extrapolation, and employment of circumstance.

Heaven's principles are inviolate; permanent, ever-present; and can be depended upon for full flower when engaged.

The natures of Men are predictable; limited; and arise directly from their passions and deadly sins.

Between the two, the tumble and turn of interaction is observable, predictable, and exploitable by the militant.

The best example of forecasting with Heaven's principles comes from the model of avalanche:

A slab avalanche occurs when the weak layer lies lower down in a snowpack. This layer is covered with other layers of compressed snow. When the avalanche is triggered, the weak layer breaks off, pulling all the layers on top of it down the slope. These layers tumble and fall in a giant block, or slab. Once a slab avalanche starts, the slab shatters into many separate blocks. These snow blocks break up into ever-smaller pieces. Some of the pieces rise into the air as a moving cloud of icy particles. The cloud races downhill at very high speeds.

An avalanche is an unstoppable collapse; a roaring tumult of inevitable slide, crash, and overthrow of everything in its path. There is no stopping an avalanche; there is no diverting or controlling its direction; one can only get to safe distance or higher ground and thereby survive the unstoppable cascading collapse of everything before it.

This is the same model of Heaven's principles that applies to the onrush of a conquering force, as described by Sun Tzu and previously cited here:

The onrush of a conquering force is like the bursting of pent-up waters into a chasm a thousand fathoms deep.

It is identical to the collapse of empire; unstoppable; predictable; awesomely apparent; and the results foregone in conclusion.

When the applicable model of Heaven's principles is recognized, where does the militant find the gaps to exploit?

The answer lies in understanding the natures of Men and their proclivity to vanity, pride, greed, lust, sloth and others of the inherent deadly sins.

For the militant knows beyond doubt, that men will act according to those impulses.

The closer the collapse of the Empire, the crazier its laws are.

That observation from Marcus Tullius Cicero gives hint!

Criticism of a foreign State becomes "commission of a hate crime". Human experiments in mutilated insanity are advanced under State authority. Individual states are attacked in the courts by the American government for passing laws permitting the arrest of criminals.

The model established, questions of human nature are very simple.

What do men do when their power collapses?
What do men do when they must escape consequence?
What do men do when they know they have lost control?
What do men do when they know destruction is imminent?

These questions and more are within the knowledge of the militant; for it is Men with which he contends, and never Heaven's principles or models.

When their power collapses, men turn to wrath and lash out against the people.

When consequence looms, men turn to pride and deny accountability.

When control evaporates, men turn to vanity and chase deranged futures.

When destruction is imminent, men indulge in their last gluttonies.

The militant watches for wrathful attacks on the people; within such conduct from the State is the collapse of power that comes.
The militant watches for proud denials of accountability; within such statements is the ignored consequence that waits to strike.
The militant watches for bizarre declarations of plans; within such ridiculous ideas is  further derangement of State power and legitimacy.
The militant watches for grotesque profits in bad times; within such rapacious plunder is revealed the true heart of leaders.

Each misstep from the nature of Men extrapolates, at scale, to strategic error by those who seek to rule you.

There is no such thing as "top men" but only a foolish belief in the same.

When the avalanche begins to slide, as the intelligent and capable militant you will know where to look.

For the deadly sins of Men become their downfall, and those who follow the Way of Heaven will match its will.

That will is the justice of God in all things, including the affairs and governance of Men.

Embody it with a will to power and faith in the divine consequence that drives you.

There is a Way, and it can be learned.

Get up and walk.

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