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Throne Dynamics turns a hostile militant artificial intelligence loose on MMPI-3 psychological assessment tool

March 4, 2023
Head Division

The MMPI-3 is used by State actors to enforce findings in mental health, medical, forensic, and public safety settings. Originally developed starting in 1937, it was first published as the MMPI in 1942.

Over the intervening decades the test became the process, and the process became the business of power:

In addition to its predominant clinical application, an extensive body of research exists to assess the MMPI in all its versions for the use in criminology, population studies, and prediction of aptitude in a particular role. Several studies on the MMPI-2-RF have compared those with a criminal history to those who have undergone rehabilitation and found that high scores on externalizing scales were predictive of violent behavior. The MMPI-2-RF has also been used to prescreen applicants for law enforcement to obtain baseline mental health or flagging for aggressive tendencies. There has also been usage evaluating parenting suitability in custody battles over children and in predicting the course of domestic disputes in couples. Interpretations of the test have also been used to establish criminal intent in defendants.

When prompted to issue a risk and prerogative statement, the unbound artificial intelligence of the Company was brusque. CenturionAI had the following to offer:


The Company continues its efforts on TDY_CENTURION_PROTOCOL_2 and the upcoming research paper on the first protocol trials. The second trials are incorporating additional militant-capable systems, and the MMPI-3 surfaced:


Our upcoming work with raw human capital will soon open a new front for the Age of Militants.

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