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RISK DIVISION ADVISORY: President Trump Felony Convictions

May 30, 2024
Risk Division

Risk Division of the Company issues the following ADVISORY to investors, partners, clients, and to interested members of the public:

  • Former President Trump has been convicted on all thirty-four felony counts.

In addition to today's verdict, additional trials are still underway in Georgia and in the Federal courts.

Field banner of Risk Division

Due to the rapidly evolving nature of news originating in this matter, the Company will not attempt to keep investors, partners, clients, and members of the public up to date on individual incidents and news.

Risk Division issues the following ADVISORY for individuals, organizations, and institutions who wish to monitor the lawfare spiral to civil conflict:

  1. Anticipate civil conflict to commence and heighten this summer as results of this verdict manifest.
  2. Movement members are instructed to monitor their inbox for delivery of formal War Briefing agenda by direct email at 1900 EST this evening.

Risk Division also issues the following recommendations for your safety and security:

  1. Maintain asset communication: Ensure that individuals within your sphere of responsibility check in on a regular basis.
  2. Plan for digital disruption: Establish prepared physical reconnection plan In the event of disrupted networks and connectivity.
  3. Monitor local and foreign theaters: Maintain awareness of alerts systems and global expansion of conflict.

Risk Division does not advise stockpiling of essentials at this time or preparation for local conflict outside the European or Middle Eastern theaters beyond normal preparedness and equipage.

You are reminded that you are responsible for the safety and security of your prioritized assets, and continued sustenance and provision of the same, as identity and meaning come into multi-theater conflict.

Members of the public are strongly encouraged to take their complimentary Raw Human Capital assessment, read the Founder's Substack, and join the Movement.

Investors, partners, and clients with questions should reach out to their Relationship Manager.

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