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Hard Right European Triumph

June 10, 2024
Community Division

The powerful success of the Hard Right in this past weekend's European Parliament elections demonstrate serious and significant mass, momentum, and trajectory across the major powers of the Old World.

Fundamental changes in policy direction are now inevitable as a result of successsful populist movements:

For decades, the European Union — which has its roots in the defeat of Nazi Germany and fascist Italy — confined the nationalist far right to the political fringes.
With a strong showing in elections Sunday, far-right forces could now influence or block joint EU-wide policies on migration, security and climate change.

In France the massive success of Marine Le Pen's Rassemblement National has resulted in the shock dissolution of the French parliament by President Macron and immediate nationalist coordination with Parti Reconquete to ensure soliditication of national control:

Following a massive loss for his Renaissance party in Sunday's European Parliament election, Macron announced snap elections for the lower house of parliament, with the first round scheduled for June 30, less than three weeks away, and the run-off on July 7.

The Hard Right is now ascendant.

No parley, no quarter wins your grand rising.

Germany's  Alternative Für Deutschland has risen to the second most powerful party:

"We demand a vote of confidence and new elections," Alice Weidel, leader of Germany’s far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD), told journalists on Monday. "People have had enough."
Germany’s far-right is jubilant after beating German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s centre-left SPD to second place in the European Parliament elections with 16%.

Austria's Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs surged to first place with historic success:

In a forecast carried out for the country's national broadcasters, the Freedom Party (FPÖ) will take a clear first place with 27% of the vote, marking the first time the party won a nationwide election.

Belgium's Vlaams Belang nationalists seized second place, prompting the nation's Prime Minister to resign in tears:

Mr Croo, whose liberal party could only muster less than seven percent of the vote, was tearful as he told reporters: “This is a very difficult evening for us, we have lost."

Spain's Partido Popular took over a third of their apportioned seats in the European Parliament:

Spain's centre-right People's Party (PP) came out on top in Sunday's European election, garnering 22 seats out of the 61 allocated to the country, and dealing a blow to the Socialist-led government of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

Italy's Fratelli d'Italia cemented control with powerful success, further driving the power of the Right:

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni's Fratelli d'Italia party has won European elections in Italy with a whopping 28% of votes. Analysts say she secured herself as kingmaker in the European Parliament.

Greece's Elliniki Lysi also demonstrated signficant traction as it and its partners took nearly 17% of the total vote:

“We managed a great overturn. Greek people gave us their trust, so we call on all Greek patriots to join our cause so that we have a real patriotic government to rule our land. We wish that the media will finally recognize that Elliniki Lysi is the people’s national social party that it is here to govern because we are a force of responsibility,” Velopoulos said on Skai TV, adding that they “survived the mudslinging from the governing party.”

The Netherlands' Partij voor de Vrijheid is now the most successful political party there and is expected to see a 700% increase in seats:

In a possible harbinger of strong electoral gains for the hard right in the Europe Union, the exit poll indicated that Wilders’ Party for Freedom had made the biggest gains — winning seven seats, up from just one in the last parliament.

This insurgent transition to nationalist, populist Europe has only begun, and is prominently driven by the younger vote:

If the polls are right, an unprecedented number of young voters are considering casting their votes for parties on the right and far right, many of which are broadly Eurosceptic.
“We want to do away with the status quo, and that’s why many of my friends are voting for the right,” Bence Szabó tells me, while attending an anti-EU farmers protest in Brussels. The rumbling sound of the tractors blends with the voices on stage as they denounce Europe’s elites.
“Everything coming from the right is being demonised,” says the 25-year-old from Hungary, “but we can actually solve the issues that the left tried to solve - and failed.”

The prescient work of the Company to advance with Flashpoint Europe, designed to bring pan-European coherence across the Hard Right, is correct in timing and purpose.

Throne Dynamics will host a private leadership conference for European Union militant and political leaders in the fall of 2024 in Switzerland.

Flashpoint Europe will focus on lateral alliances, ground organization, and mission coherence for distributed nationalist, populist, and activist organizations and institutions across the hostile neoliberal governance terrain of the European theater of the Third World War.

Additional triumphant results and forward impacts will become more clear in the coming weeks.

The avalanche of power and adherence of fighting age males will continue to grow as history turns to the Age of Militants in the Third World War.

Be of good cheer! Despair is being driven back, and the Hard Right has the traction our future demands.

Members of the public are strongly encouraged to take their complimentary Raw Human Capital assessment, read the Founder's Substack, and join the Movement.

Investors, partners, and clients with questions should reach out to their Relationship Manager.

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