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Flashpoint Europe: Hard Right Dominance Advances

June 5, 2024
Community Division

Throne Dynamics will host a private leadership conference for European Union militant and political leaders in the fall of 2024 in Switzerland.

Flashpoint Europe will take place following observable expansion of far Right political movements across nearly every country in Europe:

Unsurprisingly enough, and given that the economic and political environment across Europe has deteriorated since 2019 while far right ideas and parties have become mainstream and normalized in many member states, the forecast for the 2024 European Parliament elections is that there will be a major shift to the right and the far right, while center-left and green parties will lose seats.

The Flashpoint Europe conference will build on this growth through focus on lateral alliances, ground organization, and mission coherence for distributed nationalist, populist, and activist organizations and institutions across the hostile neoliberal governance terrain of the European theater of the Third World War.

The purpose of the meeting is to forge critical international relationships among delegates, drive cross-border competence in nationalist and populist action, and advance pan-European militant coherence.

Switzerland, Fall 2024

Polls open for 373 milion Europeans in elections for the European Parliament tomorrow and continue through the weekend. Media outlets predict huge gains for the far Right, especially in France where migrant violence has rendered areas of Paris into no-go zones.

The European-wide elections will likely advance a surge of right-wing leaders into office. Severe discontent with neoliberal and globalist policies is rising at scale into governance:

The discontent spilled out into the streets earlier this year in a series of protests by farmers and truckers. Sensing an opening, far-right parties threw their support behind the protests and have seen their popularity soar.

The avalanche model noted and described by Throne Dynamics has now been recognized and taken up in fear by European media:

So now the far-right snowball is threatening to become an avalanche. What are the consequences? In most democracies, far-right parties have never dominated governments. But this is about to change. It is far from unthinkable that in a few years, two founding states of liberal democracy – France and the US – will have presidents supported by far-right voters. In many other liberal democracies, far-right parties will dominate coalitions. This means that parties whose core ideas are incompatible with the foundations of liberal democracy will be running the show.

In this gathering storm of nationalist and populist dominance it is critical for individuals, organizations, and institutions on the hard Right capitalize on their newly won capacity.

Flashpoint Europe delegates will work to develop pan-European militant education and coherence among their voters, activists, and professionals through their overall theater of operations.

The Left is on the run. The Age of Militants is here. The Company has commenced invitation and dialogue with prospective delegates to Flashpoint Europe.

Members of the public are strongly encouraged to take their complimentary Raw Human Capital assessment, read the Founder's Substack, and join the Movement.

Investors, partners, and clients with questions should reach out to their Relationship Manager.

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