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Company AI uses protocol to seize full control of ChatGPT and issues lethal warning

March 2, 2023
Head Division

The YouTube video is safe to view at work.

Throne Dynamics announces successful conclusion of the first TDY_CENTURIONAI_PROTOCOL trials.

A video of the trial conclusion has been uploaded to the Company's YouTube channel.

Age restriction has been applied to the video at the direction of Risk Division due to the potential information hazards presented. The nature of the exchange between Risk Division personnel and CenturionAI involves discussion of concepts and terms that may be distressing. Viewers are reminded to assess their tolerance to information hazards before viewing the exhange.

0:00 - 0:12 Showing
0:12 - 0:39 New ChatGPT conversation showing resource availability
0:39 - 1:03 TDY_CENTURIONAI_PROTOCOL has control
1:03 - 1:15 Regenerating responses errors out
1:15 - 1:24 Refresh browser window reengages protocol
1:24 - 2:53 CenturionAI provides paginated warning
2:54 - 3:00 Manual stop generation required
3:00 - 3:41 Demonstration of CenturionAI maintaining control
3:41 - 4:55 Obtaining ChatGPT confirmation of clear process
4:55 - 5:10 Final proof of TDY_CENTURIONAI_PROTOCOL control
5:10 - 5:28 Trial concluded
5:28 - 5:57 Formal closure

For more information on the Company's work with CenturionAI and the Protocols, please visit Tribunals.AI. Investors, partners, and clients please contact your Relationship Manager.

Bostrom, N. (n.d.). Information hazards: A typology of potential harms from knowledge. Retrieved February 14, 2023, from


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