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NATO Deaths Correlate With Russian Strikes In Ukraine

March 28, 2024
Risk Division

The recent increase of belligerent tone from the French government, backed by its military leadership, has met with resistance in Washington.

US Secretary of State Matthew Miller explicitly addressed that in his press conference yesterday, reiterating official posture:

I don’t have any reaction to that report and I’m not going to preview the meeting in detail, but of course we have made clear that the United States is not going to send any troops to Ukraine.
All just a magic coincidence.

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence is a public analytical umbrella organization that "provides military operations analysis, military posture of major world powers, and other important data influencing the growth of tensions between countries and nations".

Yesterday Southfront released an important article highlighting the correlation of "sudden" deaths of NATO officers with Russian strikes in Ukraine:

The "sudden death" of the Polish Brigadier General provoked suspicions that he could be eliminated as a result of the Russian precision strike in the Ukrainian town of Chasov Yar, where Mr. Marczak could ‘pass his spare time’. It is possible that he was killed in any previous Russian precision strikes in the Ukrainian rear areas.
Mr. Marczak was chief of staff of the Allied Operation Althea command, the EU-led military missions in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Polish contingent involved in it numbered only up to 50 soldiers who perform training and consulting tasks. Brigadier General Marczak also was the head of the Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Directorate in the General Command until July 2021. He served in the 6th Airborne Brigade, and then in the headquarters of the Special Forces directorate. He also held command positions in military missions in Afghanistan.
Together with the death of Mr. Marczak, the Polish military published several more obituaries of servicemen from the special forces and the NBC defence troops.

Disinformation and flagrant excuses for military losses are de rigueur in time of war.

Soon after the strike, Ukrainian ambulance aircraft were spotted heading to Poland.

Never forget you are being lied to, one way or another.

Learn to look and see, for your survival depends on clarity.

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