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Nationalist Fight Clubs Train Across The United States

March 20, 2024
Community Division

The self-evident collapse of the United States is agonizingly apparent to all objective observers, regardless of enforced ideology or the efforts of desperate and ineffectual propagandists.

More than seven million criminal invaders have crossed the southern border of the United States during President Biden's term.

Grocery prices have skyrocketed; the cost of food has risen by double the 20-year average as families struggle to eat. Housing costs continue to climb with median rents at $1,981.

A 12% increase in the homeless population has left over 653,000 people without shelter.

More than a million Americans are dead from drug overdoses in the last quarter century, and nearly half of Americans state they personally know one of the dead.

And while the official national debt is $34 trillion, the total cost of assets minus debts and unfunded liabilities is a nearly incomprehensible, and certainly unrecoverable $157 trillion.

Meanwhile, gender identity insanity has infected 20% of Generation Z. And where the nation's military age population is concerned, 77% are ineligible for service.

Nearly one million abortions take place in the United States every year and 2% of the female population between 18 and 45 are engaged in soft prostitution on OnlyFans.

American men now commit suicide at the highest levels in 70 years at 42.2 per 100,000 population.

One may readily observe that Weimar problems inevitably give rise to Weimar solutions.

He's way past the point of arguing casus belli any longer.

Generally speaking, when young fighting age males witness impending national famine, homelessness, fatal drug epidemics, bankruptcy, military collapse, and their women converted to prostitutes, they go one of three ways.

The most common path today is learned helplessness and surrender, which also does not sit well with patriots.

Men who blow their heads off in despair are the second path, and that decision creates inevitable eugenic evolution.

The third path is that of the militant. And we see that coalescing today with the rise of nationalist fight clubs designed to instill combative spirit and determination in furious men who have made dreadful decision to fight on fatal terrain.

The Anti-Defamation League, VICEWired, Rolling Stone, and others have decried this rather predictable social response. Active clubs are now in 30 states and growing.

Where the legitimate collective interests of fighting age males are put through crucibles of absolute degeneracy and national collapse, it's easy enough to predict what comes next.

And if you're equally disgusted by the bloated, one-sided propaganda machine of the Left, you can watch the reality of what's coming up close.

Men have a right to self-preservation, self-determination, and self advancement.

The most brutal womb imaginable for militant decision has been deliberately created, and strategic upset is a known existential risk for those who push too hard:

Throw your soldiers into positions whence there is no escape, and they will prefer death to flight. If they will face death, there is nothing they may not achieve. Officers and men alike will put forth their uttermost strength. Soldiers in desperate straits lose the sense of fear. If there is no place of refuge, they will stand firm. If they are in the heart of a hostile country, they will show a stubborn front. If there is no help for it, they will fight hard. Thus, without waiting to be marshaled, the soldiers will be constantly on the alert, and without waiting to be asked, they will do your will; without restrictions, they will be faithful; without giving orders, they can be trusted.
Prohibit the taking of omens, and do away with superstitious doubts.
Then, until death itself comes, no calamity need be feared.

Once again, Sun Tzu was no idiot.

Brutal, terrifying, and low-cost militant technology at distributed grassroots scale is undoubtedly next.

Never be the fool who denies the inevitable karma that men create.

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