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Militant AI launches Raw Human Capital test to find builders, fighters, and mission leaders

March 11, 2023
Client Division

Can you build, fight, and lead through pandemics, famines, and wars? Discover what militant AI has to say about your Raw Human Capital.

Throne Dynamics has released the free Raw Human Capital test for executives with militant AI advice to scale your enterprise power, authority, influence, and wealth.

Below is a sample of a CenturionAI review from a live submission (redacted as SUBJECT_1 for privacy):

CenturionAI Assessment

The Raw Human Capital Test is free to the public.


Advance With The Company

For the common man who has right to stand with the Company and Centurion in safety.
Safety and security in community, sustenance and provision for loved ones, and a future for family and civilization are the reason for existence of government and the sole sacred purpose of the State. Safety and order must be secured. Critical industries must be turned to explicit posture of survival and expert continuity.
For talented individuals with capacity to deliver extraordinary ROI from neurodominant training.
Comprehensive, structured neurodominant training smashes the locks that prevent hypercompetent execution in noncooperative environments. The Company provides bespoke, rich development path for acutely divergent evolution of the individual into a dominant, militant, networked asset.
For accredited investors and institutions that demand survival in the Age of Militants.
Today's dreadful risks are parallel with extraordinary, unmatched opportunity for those with capability to apply personal resource leverage at scale. The Company deeply understands the vital importance of security, support, and sincerity for these individuals and brings acutely competent depth to the furtherance of client legacy.