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Victory through generations.

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Propaganda is famously defined as "true ideas communicated to the masses".

The Company employs propaganda to deliver core messages to key demographics at the outset of the Third World War.

Community Division and the Propaganda Team are responsible for design, development, and production of propaganda material in furtherance of our mission, vision, and objectives.

The investors, partners, and clients of Throne Dynamics are best served through pitiless and accurate presentation of reality.

Builders, fighters, and leaders in the real world require harsh truth and unflinching posture of cruel information presented without lies.

Such is the value of the Company:

"Always follow truth where it leads you in the dark."

Those words from my philosophy bestseller The Nine Laws repeatedly prove their worth in survival, momentum, and triumph regardless of the arena, the age, or the man. Seek and accept nothing less than absolute victory.

Take them to heart.

Much love, honor, and respect,

Militant Education

Significant free resources

Always follow truth where it leads you in the dark and never leave your brothers behind. The Company provides free public access to all Academy Resource materials.

Professional training

Noncooperative arenas require competent execution and operational excellence. The Company ensures that Academy Militant Education drives immediate traction.

Non-negotiable prerogatives

Fulfillment of legacy flowers from cruelty of expertise in planning and process. The Company delivers unmatched coherence of demanded outcome for qualified clients.

Survival and conscience

Militant leaders work from the demands of conscience to determine the direction of sacred purpose. The Company delivers pitiless client roadmaps.

Momentum and freedom

Men are born with inalienable rights of self-protection, self-determination, and self-advancement. The Company meets the needs of 21st Century ambitions.

Dignity and triumph

Subjugation and slavery are incompatible with survival, momentum, and triumph. The Company works to acutely advance justice for threatened demographics.