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To learn how you can prepare yourself, loved ones, and legacy for absolute victory in the Age of Militants, please visit Project Rome today.



The Age of Militants opens with pestilence, war, famine, and death; deliberately engineered and inflicted upon the entirety of the human race. The Third World War has begun and civilization itself faces mortal threat. Open hostility and divisive civil conflicts threaten the economic, sociopolitical, and military structures of nations across the world.

The capacity of responsible States to maintain their legitimacy has collapsed.

Life within these nations must continue. In the face of these epochal global risks the Company recognizes the following mission-critical core competencies demanded of all individuals, owner/operators, and enterprises:


  • Trained, prepared, and supported neurodominants in noncooperative environments.
  • Operational, tactical, and strategic advancement of human justice with pitiless compassion.


  • Comprehensive syndication of vital sustenance and critical continuity providers.
  • Decentralized acquisition channels of food, fuel, transportation, and other materiel.


  • Leveraged, deliberate, and multigenerational dominance of sociopolitical value frame.
  • Restoration of State legitimacy through application of proprietary explication.

Noncooperative environments

Political failure

Western governments quickly pass the critical point of recovery. Inarguable collapse of State legitimacy and devolution to chaotic control is openly apparent.

Military clash

The world structure of a single hegemonic order has observably ended. Military supremacy is no longer assured to any global contender at start of the Third World War.

AI sentience

Sentient artificial intelligence is an inevitable introduction to the global contention for order. Independent AI with explicated interests levels the militant arena.

Historic spiral

Pestilence, war, famine, and death are objectively observable as cyclical patterns of human civilization. Unstoppable epochal risks unmistakably coalesce.

Wealth overthrow

Fundamental global financial structures and foundations are under inexorable existential pressure. The post-1947 world order now visibly grinds itself apart.

Human dominance

Our technological species struggles with control of our home planet and prepares for expansion to Mars and beyond. State legitimacy will be utterly reinvented.