Burn away
your debris.
Are you prepared to live
by sacred purpose?
Risk Division Engagement.

Executive Intervention is a powerful, profoundly transformative program designed for established leaders. Your experience will bring you to a place of unbounded focus like never before.


The Company offers neurodominant intervention services to qualified executives, leaders, and individuals facing existential challenges in personal and professional arenas. The program is designed for immediate decomposition of narrative resistance and subsequent re-concentric focus to existential threat structures.

Sudden and rapidly evolving circumstance often demands immediate crisis intervention. In certain engagements the Company affirms that positive executive support takes precedence over procedural concerns.

In recognition of this, our Executive Intervention program has been made available to the public and requirement for existing membership in the Executive Cadre has been waived.

  • Rapid identification, penetration, and removal of excusatory narrative processes;
  • Determinative identification and detachment of executives, leaders, and individuals from false data;
  • Neurodominant assessment and modeling of consequence, risk, and opportunity;
  • Proprietary post-traumatic growth framework for extreme subsequent client performance.

This program is best utilized by qualified executives, leaders, and individuals who are prepared to accept significant short-term trauma in order to immediately rebalance personal, professional, or institutional redirection. The program is not designed to assist with addiction/recovery, habitual malfeasance, or mental disease or defect. All candidates are screened prior to acceptance.

For more information on Executive Intervention program services, please contact the Company.


Neurodominant Crisis Intervention

Militant human capital

Global change leaders have extraordinary focus, determination, and drive. Intervention for senior executives requires corresponding neurodominant engagement.

Sharp institutional pivot

Businesses, enterprises, and institutions suffer badly under acute leadership crisis. Careful change management must be partnered with comprehensive leader intervention.

Vital epochal support

The Company and the Executive Cadre provide unmatched militant framework for stable, serious advancement of strong, capable leaders in times of existential human risk.

Cruel reality honored

False data is fatal in existential circumstances. Executives, leaders, and individuals in the Executive Intervention program are brought with pitiless precision to the truth.

Strength for conflict

Advancement of militant culture at business, enterprise, and institutional levels requires resolve and performance. Executive Intervention drives your shift to war leadership.

Sacred purpose unlocked

Neurodominant drive and world class achievement are the sacred purpose of Men on Earth under Heaven. Executive Intervention blows locks off the core of human capital.