Militant community.
Join the Company and take part in public actions.

"No one is coming to save you. Your power is all that you and your loved ones can rely upon."

Together as militants we deliver determined communities more powerful than the sum of their individual leaders.


The Company regularly delivers video broadcasts for the public and members of the Movement on weekly basis, in addition to ground events across the West.

For details on how to attend War Briefings of the Movement, please contact Client Division at


Members of the public are welcome to join our free online events held on Fridays at 7:00pm EST. You may submit questions you would like to have addressed to


Identity and Meaning in War

Truth without apology

It's hard to accept reality when things are bleak and dangerous. We believe in full disclosure and radical acceptance as the best starting point.

Competent methods and tools

Violence, insurrection, and overthrow are crazed ways to approach your current challenges. We share intelligent strategies that equip you to win.

Sharp clear guidance

We are not a Party or a Church. We are the Company. Our focus is on your individual survival, momentum and triumph as a human being.

Vast knowledge base

Nearly a thousand years of family experience in navigation of states and empires is delivered in tandem with modern professional science.

Extensive global network

Officers of the Company and our Executive Cadre have in-depth networks on every continent except Antarctica. We provide acute collaboration.

Crucial human values

We believe in conscience, dignity, and freedom for every human being. Our work advances these bright principles with firm determination.