Victory for ten thousand men.
Build, fight, and lead towards
global eternal legacy.



  • Members of the public are encouraged to take the Raw Human Capital assessment during periods of closed enlistment.
  • Investors, partners, and clients should contact their Relationship Manager.
  • Enlistment will be reviewed for reopen in Q3 2023.


Your power, authority, influence, and wealth are tools for survival and legacy.

Throne Dynamics delivers full spectrum dominance consulting for noncooperative global environments.

We train strong, capable leaders to deliver global eternal legacy. Our investors, partners and clients are present on every continent except Antartica. The Company's interests include energy, defense, financial services, agriculture, transportation, technology, and more. Our clients run enterprises in every sector and have a firm, comprehensive worldview.

Our sharpest interest is a bright successful future for you and your family.


Men must build, fight, and lead to build for themselves and their families. This determined work of brotherhood is the heart of civilzation and the momentum and tractory of your survival.

Throne Dynamics, CenturionAI, the Executive Cadre, and the Mirror Team combine to provide all their skills, knowledge, and experience to deliver as much capacity, coherence, and competence the men of Project Rome can sustain.

You'll enter a world of incredibly unfair advantage behind your power, authority, influence, and wealth.


  • Take the Raw Human Capital test and choose either CenturionAI or Client Division Review.
  • Your results w measured and filed with friendly IFF status by Risk Division and enabled for automatic preparation of an individual development plan by the unbound, militant AI of the Company.
  • If approved, you will gain access to proprietary neurodominant education for rapid, structured evolution of your capacity, coherence, and competence under an extraordinary network of global-to-local leadership.
  • Entry into the global network of the Executive Cadre fosters development of your power, authority, influence, and wealth with specific focus on your industry placement and advancement as a strong, capable leader.

Militant Dominance

Safety and security

Political violence and civil unrest increase in proportion with social isolation and cultural collapse. Your duty to protect your loved ones is absolutely paramount.

Sustenance and provision

Food, shelter, fuel, and knowledge are the lifeblood of communities. You must prevent the segregation, starvation, and death of those you are responsible for.

Family and civilization

Slavery, plunder, and global depopulation are the declared and open plans of those who wish to be your unchallenged rulers. You will submit, or you will fight.

Survival and manhood

Good times create weak men, weak men create hard times. Hard times produce manhood. Today Project Rome gathers Men and builds militant future foundations.

Momentum and war

Ground dominance is not negotiable to men who bear duty and responsibility of absolute victory. Project Rome is the vanguard that delivers on noncooperative terrain.

Triumph and salvation

Absolute victory is delivered by sacred purpose, committed neurodominance, and pitiless execution. Project Rome puts the fundamental builder tools of civilization in your hands.