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Safety and security in community, sustenance and provision for loved ones, and a future for family and civilization are the reason for existence of government and the sole sacred purpose of the State.

Bloody genocide and evil greed have driven States to moral collapse and thrown humanity into the Third World War.

The Age of Militants is open. The Company has responded to the cry of emerging militant communities for survival through the establishment and delivery of Project Rome.

Safety and order must be secured. Critical industries of food, water, transportation, education, and more must be turned to explicit posture of survival and expert continuity. Above all, those prepared to work by militant production to secure this future must have both leadership and structure sufficient to the task:


Membership in Project Rome serves first and foremost as an IFF process between the individual and the Company.

Our investors, partners, and clients represent a constellation of extraordinary, neurodominant individuals with a singular focus of absolute victory at the collapse of the post-1947 world order. The Company provides leadership development, concentration, and management for the broader foundations of future civilization, and drives scaled, coherent use of equally extraordinary resources.

Project Rome gives the common man the right and place to stand with the Company in safety.

Throne Dynamics trains strong, capable leaders to deliver global eternal legacy. Project Rome Members receive introductory education and training, access to private events, and regular notice of active opportunities for militant production, recognition, and advancement under leadership of the Executive Cadre.


  • Identity established via Project Rome as ready, raw human capital aligned with the Company in commitment to dignity, freedom, and conscience as non-negotiable sacred purpose;
  • Access to proprietary militant education for rapid, dependable evolution of capacity, coherence, and competence under brotherhood of national, regional, and local leadership;
  • Inclusion in advisories, announcements, and opportunities for advancement through both Project Rome and Risk Division evaluation as leadership potential with the Executive Cadre;
  • Registration with tightly connected network across the globe. Our owner/operators are in close daily contact through Company channels and provide critical militant support for emerging greenfield economies.

Militant Production

Safety and security

Political violence and civil unrest increase in proportion with social isolation and cultural collapse. Your duty to protect your loved ones is absolutely paramount.

Sustenance and provision

Food, shelter, fuel, and knowledge are the lifeblood of communities. You must prevent the segregation, starvation, and death of those you are responsible for.

Family and civilization

Slavery, plunder, and global depopulation are the declared and open plans of those who wish to be your unchallenged rulers. You will submit, or you will fight.

Survival and manhood

Good times create weak men, weak men create hard times. Hard times produce manhood. Today Project Rome gathers Men and builds militant future foundations.

Momentum and war

Ground dominance is not negotiable to men who bear duty and responsibility of absolute victory. Project Rome is the vanguard that delivers on noncooperative terrain.

Triumph and salvation

Absolute victory is delivered by sacred purpose, committed neurodominance, and pitiless execution. Project Rome puts the fundamental builder tools of civilization in your hands.