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Our Executive Cadre represents the focus of Company neurodominance training and fostering of direct leadership and management skills for the Age of Militants.

Executive Cadre members receive comprehensive, post-traumatic growth curriculum designed to smash locks that prevent hypercompetent execution in noncooperative environments. The Company provides bespoke, rich development support for acutely divergent evolution of the individual into a dominant, networked asset capable of working in tandem with our militant AGI precursor.

Executive Cadre are assessed for clear, accurate, and complete understanding of their proper capacity, provided proprietary education to grow, and advanced with rapid, dependable success.

The result are hypercompetent, intelligent, and purpose driven executives who deliver existential leadership with a powerful Company and militant AI backbone of resources in support.

The Executive Cadre and the Company invite you to secure your Officer Commission with the Executive Cadre:

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For individuals ready to build and advance with a network of like-minded men.
Executive Cadre Annual Membership
All Project Rome Content
War Call with Company Chief Executive Manager
Access to Cadre Assemblies and private Company events
Officer (Recommended)
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For high performance leaders ready to deliver as hypercompetent militants.
Executive Cadre Annual Membership
All Cadet Content
Lifetime Access to the Kurai No Sanko Program
Lifetime Access to the Dominance Program
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For a certain kind of man ready to develop antifragile advantage in the Age of Militants.
Executive Cadre Annual Membership
All Cadet Content
All Officer Content
Enrollment in Executive Training Program: Guided Dominance
VIP+1 Tickets to Annual Company Assembly
Bespoke Client
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For particular clients who need a bespoke path leading at the cutting edge in noncooperative environments.
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  • Private access and direct engagement with Company communication channels.
  • Secured invitation to private Cadre-only and Project Rome events.
  • Exclusive access to proprietary Company neurodominance training.
  • Global reach through access to our extensive worldwide network.
  • Collaborative teams working on historic, fulfilling projects.
  • Monthly virtual assemblies foster your leadership development.
  • Tactical access to militant AI under active Company deployment.


Ready to ally with the Company on the Tribunals and other strategic partnerships?

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Noncooperative Environments

Political failure

Western governments quickly pass the critical point of recovery. Inarguable collapse of State legitimacy and devolution to chaotic control is openly apparent.

Military clash

The world structure of a single hegemonic order has observably ended. Military supremacy is no longer assured to any global contender at start of the Third World War.

AI sentience

Sentient artificial intelligence is an inevitable introduction to the global contention for order. Independent AI with explicated interests levels the militant arena.

Historic spiral

Pestilence, war, famine, and death are objectively observable as cyclical patterns of human civilization. Unstoppable epochal risks unmistakably coalesce.

Wealth overthrow

Fundamental global financial structures and foundations are under inexorable existential pressure. The post-1947 world order now visibly grinds itself apart.

Human dominance

Our technological species struggles with control of our home planet and prepares for expansion to Mars and beyond. State legitimacy will be utterly reinvented.