Jan 6, 2022

Discover Your Sacred Purpose: Mediocrity (Part 4)

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Ivan Throne

The following is an excerpt from Discover Your Sacred Purpose, a powerful, free resource offered to subscribers on our mailing list. This is Part 4 of a 4-Part Article Series. Read Part 1.

Discover Your Sacred Purpose opens the doors to powerful, deliberate and conscious manifestation of absolute victory. Your victories in life are in direct proportion to your adherence to sacred purpose. That’s just the way life is.

Because you are reading this, you are now on a road to increased personal power, competence, and capacity. Seize this knowledge, apply some courage and grit, and grow, beyond what you ever thought possible - or not.

Not one champion ever lived who did not believe in himself. That's just the way life is, too. You must do more than merely believe in yourself. You must achieve a vision.

Discover Your Sacred Purpose: Mediocrity


Mediocrity is the closest thing that human beings have to a steady state.

Mediocrity is where the vitality of the apex predator goes to die.

Mediocrity is abhorrent.

"Mediocre" must never be a word that accurately applies to the human being who wishes to stride as a man in the dark world, and to make name for himself that lasts beyond the moment.

There are important aspects of mediocrity that trend it into commonplace infection, that leach it into the flowing waters of life and turn your experience as a human being into a disgusting abrogation of potential.

Mediocrity is infectious and virulent. It will not go away on its own. It must be rooted out and annihilated by the man who would excel.

Mediocrity is a stifling carcinogen. It spreads through all systems of the human being and rapidly eats away the living fire of the man who permits it to gain foothold.

Sacred purpose is never mediocre.

Why is mediocrity so common?

Why do so few men understand the Way of building immortal achievement, and wallow in a mediocre life?

You must look deeper into the meaning of "mediocre" for your answer and grasp why it is so pervasive. Here's what the Oxford Dictionary has to say:

Mediocre (adj.) Of only average quality; not very good. Origin: Late 16th century, from French médiocre, from Latin mediocris 'of middle height or degree', literally 'somewhat mountainous', from medius 'middle' + ocris 'rugged mountain'.

"Mediocre" does not mean "bad".

It means common, lackluster, usual, typical, unremarkable, uninspiring.

It means average.

The vast majority of men are entirely willing to suffer it.

Look around you today! What do you see when you look at other men? Do you see glittering vision, determined purpose, savage intention and massive action with unmatched ferocity?

You must abhor mediocrity to summon power.

Mediocrity is safe, which is why men cling to it. It is easier to shuffle than to stride, safer to accept than to challenge, calmer to stagnate than to shine.

It takes courage to abandon mediocrity.

It takes willingness to let go of safety forever, to refuse a life where you are merely a faceless walker in a long parade of empty, useless men.

it takes the absolute realization that you are the point where fate explodes, as I instruct men in my book The Nine Laws.

There is a fearful corollary to this.

You must explode if you wish to harness fate.

You must explode your boundaries and kick the shards aside.

You must explode your peace and calm and seek challenge.

You must explode your lethargy and put the pedal all the way to the floor, and hold it there, and as the engine of life screams and your past life burns and smokes behind you, you will find yourself moving forward to a different destination.

Mediocrity is death.

It is the death of the spirit.

Mediocrity is murder of the man.

How do you make this explosive change?

How do you change from average to remarkable?

What is it you must do in order to become the man who has power to shape both fate and future? Who brings reality into being, and becomes the marvel of the crow that dares not lift itself above the gray and shapeless slop of safety?

You must begin with something that all men have, that all men can do, yet few men rise above.

You must dream.

Think of Luke Skywalker, looking to the stars above the endless desert, dreaming of more than being a sand farmer.

Think of Henry V, facing the mocking French ambassadors, dreaming of conquering glory he was too young to create.

Think of Alexander, looking at a tangled knot, and dreaming of a global empire on the other side of a single sword stroke.

Dreams, my brother, are where it starts.

Dreams are the basis of vision, the raw material that forms clouds on which you can rise above mediocrity.

Dreams are the first place where you risk failure.

Dreams are the birth of sacred purpose.