Jan 5, 2022

Discover Your Sacred Purpose: Your Purpose (Part 3)

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Ivan Throne

The following is an excerpt from Discover Your Sacred Purpose, a powerful, free resource offered to subscribers on our mailing list. This is Part 3 of a 4-Part Article Series. Read Part 1.

Discover Your Sacred Purpose opens the doors to powerful, deliberate and conscious manifestation of absolute victory. Your victories in life are in direct proportion to your adherence to sacred purpose. That’s just the way life is.

Because you are reading this, you are now on a road to increased personal power, competence, and capacity. Seize this knowledge, apply some courage and grit, and grow, beyond what you ever thought possible - or not.

Not one champion ever lived who did not believe in himself. That's just the way life is, too. You must do more than merely believe in yourself. You must achieve a vision.

Discover Your Sacred Purpose: Your Purpose

Purpose is a powerful word, one that resonates with both promise and risk.

"Purpose" is different from "mission" or "plan" or other words with similar meaning but far less resonant power within them. Purpose is the crucial third of The Nine Laws and an essential ingredient of manhood.

"The reason for which something exists"

The West speaks of God moving in mysterious ways, and teaches that the plan of God is eternally present, outside of time and space.

The ninja speak of the momentum of fate, the trajectory of "what must be" as the guide to the man of sacred purpose.

Do you believe your were created with specific purpose?

Does God create things with no use?

Does Heaven move in purposeless directions?

Does purpose flow through all things in the universe?

Does despair accord with the Way?

Where does sacred purpose dwell in you, even if denied?

Does divine will desire that you follow sacred purpose?

How do you deflect or deny your reality as a creation of purpose? How does your conscience feel when you avoid living with purpose?

How does your life unfold when rejection of purpose is your habit?

How would it feel to let go of hesitation and stride with sacred purpose?

Who is responsible for decisions made with free and absolute will?

It is important to tumble and turn the voice of your conscience, the small quiet voice of Heaven that is ever-present in your mind and heart. Learn to listen always to that voice. Regularly compare your momentum and trajectory to it.

Adherence to sacred purpose does not only take place on a positive spectrum of affirmation.

You must train yourself to approach the consideration of that sacred purpose from a standpoint of negative assessment.

Assess your current actions at finely granulated levels. Where you discover purposeless behavior, thinking, or emotion, you have turned away from the sacred and begun the process of derailing both your conscience and the will of Heaven.

This is immensely difficult and requires constant care and consideration. The proper avenue from this is to approach with a heart that does not insist on its own will.

Turn back to the understanding of what is sacrosanct and sacred. The intention and direction of the human being has an inherent and willful tendency to stray.

Your nature as a human being is like water in seeking the path of least resistance.

Adherence to sacred purpose will drain and fall away without deliberate direction. The banks of this great river of the Way are built from your spiritual discipline.

This is the burden of performance upon the man.

Discipline is the essential ingredient in the achievement of purpose.

Prayer and reflection are irreplaceable in bonding yourself to the divine.

What you can achieve through severe and constant discipline is immense.

What the will of Heaven can achieve through sacred discipline is infinite.

You must be congruent from conscience to final delivery of fate.

Consider the very feel of the word "purposeless".

Observe how your heart reacts to the idea of a purposeless existence.

The burden of performance that we face as men is integral to manhood, essential to our male frame, and the very root of how men measure both themselves and those they labor and strive alongside in the world.

It is useless to resent this burden of performance.

The world is what it is, and the very essence of a man is his ability to meet that burden. And create not just sufficiency, but bountiful plenty when faced with that unending expectation.

You were not created for leisure.

Your purpose is not to be at rest.

What does purposeless existence look like?

How does purposeless action feel?

Can you discern how deviation from purpose violates the sacred?

Never lose sight of this profound truth:

Your purpose must connect to the divine.

When you work with sacred purpose, your momentum is infinite.

When your momentum is infinite, your become an unstoppable force.

With great power, comes great responsibility.

Sacred purpose creates duty of fulfillment.

The great challenge you face is to sustain the growth of purpose.

The death of purpose takes place in the cloying fog of mediocrity.

You must break through.