Jan 4, 2022

Discover Your Sacred Purpose: The Sacred (Part 2)

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Ivan Throne

The following is an excerpt from Discover Your Sacred Purpose, a powerful, free resource offered to subscribers on our mailing list. This is Part 2 of a 4-Part Article Series. Read Part 1.

Discover Your Sacred Purpose opens the doors to powerful, deliberate and conscious manifestation of absolute victory. Your victories in life are in direct proportion to your adherence to sacred purpose. That’s just the way life is.

Because you are reading this, you are now on a road to increased personal power, competence, and capacity. Seize this knowledge, apply some courage and grit, and grow, beyond what you ever thought possible - or not.

Not one champion ever lived who did not believe in himself. That's just the way life is, too. You must do more than merely believe in yourself. You must achieve a vision.

Discover Your Sacred Purpose: The Sacred

Defining the sacred is the irreplaceable beginning of walking the Way of performance, power, full expression, and fulfillment as a human being.

You have responsibility to define this, to understand this, and to shape your life into the pursuit of the sacred.

What is sacred to you?

What is too valuable to be interfered with? What takes precedence over all your other concerns? What is your most profound attachment of the heart, right now?

What does Heaven demand through your conscience? How does your conscience perceive your most profound attachment? Do attachments and conscience collide?

What cloying and manipulative attachments dirty your conscience? What spurning of the sacred occurs when conscience is denied?

What pain results from collision between conscience and attachment? What breakage and sorrow result from this collision in the heart?

How does this accord with the concept of ego and sin?

Sin is described as "turning away from God". The ninja define the ego as a "sense of separation of self from the universe". These are the same principles, from opposite ends of the earth, in accordance with the Way.

As human beings we are divinely possessed of free will, of the ability and most importantly the prerogative to make decisions according to, or in contradiction, to our conscience.

The most profound elevation of our spirit is to choose that divine adherence to the conscience; where total surrender to the will of Heaven is the primary attachment of the man.

It is infinitely deep, for it brings one into the flow and power of magokoro or "purity of heart" that is the imperative of the ninja.

It leads to salvation of the man when his conscience - the small, continuous prompt of God - is both his guide and his basal attachment.

This is the most fundamental and crucial challenge you face as a human being.

It is painful, and difficult, and a challenge with which you must wrest and struggle through your entire lifetime.

It is the essence of the Way.

You must learn to hear the sacred.

You must learn to make your conscience sacrosanct.

You must freely abandon your own will to that of Heaven.

Within that facelessness, that total submersion, lies salvation.

This is why the ninja is a faceless being.

This is why the man of God, and not his attachments, does the work of Heaven.

This is why the purity of the monk is spare and clear.

You are a man in the world. You have tasks, works and structures to build, fortify and supply with the flow of profit and loss, success and failure. You are not demanded by the divine to become a monk.

But you are expected to walk the Way.

Within your grasp of the sacred, and your ability to commune with the sacred, lies the infinite potential for total freedom and mobility of power.

The pure heart is like a mirror.

It reflects the will of the Divine.

What would you accomplish if you adhered decisively to the Way?

What barriers would stop you if the entire purpose of Heaven was behind you?

What face do you insist on preserving despite the magnificence of the divine?

Understand this well:

Pure surrender is the Way.

It is what opens the gates and lets the molten spirit of God work through you.

It transforms you from a vessel to a foundation.

When your conscience is your attachment, the voice of the divine can be heard.

Your purpose must flow from the sacred.