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The Academy is a comprehensive, professionally structured knowledge base to serve investors, partners, clients, and members of the public. This knowledge base draws on the following primary sources:


The Academy will have three Levels of Neurodominance Material, in addition to Flagship and Premier material. Material from the Academy is selectively available to the general public. Deeper material is restricted to the Executive Cadre and Family Office clients of the Company.

New material will be added to the Academy continuously over time.

The Academy formally opens at the end of March.


Integrated Global Dominance

Private network

Extraordinary ambition demands extraordinary resources and commitment. The Company provides private access to multigenerational family leverage at global scale.

Critical industries

Transportation, manufacturing, armaments, and agriculture are critical continuity industries. The Company ensures client access to existential infrastructure.

Societal evolution

Rapid global changes escalate in markets, governments, and regional stability. The Company delivers actionable assessments and intelligence for global change leaders.

Neurodominant advances

Interesting times require the evolution of interesting leaders who sustain world class performance. The Company delivers unmatched executive education.

Financial leverage

Clients with proven performance and unusual market posture are eligible for consideration by the Company for scaling by our investors, stakeholders, and partners.

Noncooperative arenas

Ultra affluent individuals face harshly scaled challenges to unbounded delivery of personal vision. The Company removes all boundaries from execution.